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Saint Alban

Patron Saint of Converts & Refugees

Saint Alban was a pagan who converted to Christianity
and became the first English martyr for his convictions.
Alban is represented by a sword and a fountain - when he reached
the summit where he was to be beheaded, he prayed for water
to quench his thirst and a spring appeared immediately at his feet.



Alban sheltered a fugitive Christian priest and was converted and baptized him. Soldiers in pursuit of the priest were sent to search Alban's home. Alban dressed in the priest's garments and cloak and delivered himself up to be killed instead of the priest. He was arrested and after refusing to offer sacrifice to idols was taken before the magistrate, who was furious at the deception and ordered that Alban be given the punishment due to the priest if he had indeed become Christian.

The judge who was in the process of sacrificing to idols asked "What is your family and your race?" Alban replied, "How does my family concern you? If you wish to know the truth about my religion, know that I am a Christian and am ready to do a Christian's duty." The judge demanded, "I demand to know your name. Tell me at once." Alban declared, "My parents named me Alban and I worship and adore the living and true God who created all things."

The judge ordered that Alban be flogged for his refusal to sacrifice to idols. Seeing that the flogging was not going to get Alban to recant the judge ordered Alban's decapitation.

The executioner was so impressed with Alban's faith that he also converted to Christianity on the way to the execution, and refused to kill Alban. Another executioner was quickly found, and both he and Alban were beheaded. The second executioner's eyes fell out after the execution. The judge called a halt to further executions after witnessing the miracles prior to and following Alban's execution and became a Christian himself. Thereby, Alban became the first British Christian martyr.






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